My name is Brent Alan Brashear.

Born and raised in Kansas, I would leave to give the next 5 years of my life in service to my country. While serving at home and abroad I spent those years helping those in need, and at the same time receiving an education in life and reality in some of the most beautiful and inhospitable countries. Upon completion I returned to Kansas to complete my B.A. in Sociology and Criminology from Kansas State University. I am once again putting my experience and education back to work helping people in places where others have feared, failed, or forgot. Since college my work has taken me through the Middle East, into Africa, and back to South America where my time varies between internet development and promotion to organizing projects and making alliances to help fund and improve the education and health of some of the poorest children in the Americas. For those who don't know me well, education, adventure, my love of people, and the drive to help those most in need, are the four things that define me.